Dickinson API Memorial Scholarships OPEN!

Our Dickinson API Memorial Scholarship is closed. Please read all requirements for the scholarship as they have changed. If a sponsor or student doesn’t fulfill all requirements, the scholarship will not be accepted.

API Sponsor requirements:

  1. Must be a current Dickinson API member. Dues are required to be paid by January 1st of the current year of scholarships.
  2. Must attend a minimum of three meetings.
  3. Sponsors are only allowed to sponsor two applicants.

Student requirements:

  • To qualify, students are required to be full-time. Full-time is 12 or more per semester.
  • Transcripts are required along with the application.
  • The field of study is not required to be in the oil & gas industry. Geographical location does not play a role in the application.
  • All entries must be returned to the Dickinson API scholarship committee by April 15, 2024.

Once scholarships are received, the API scholarship committee will hold an interview process to select the scholarship winners. Scholarships will be announced at the May API Meeting.



2023 Scholarship Recipients 

In 2023, the Dickinson API chapter was able to award $45,000 in scholarships to 45 deserving local students. The following is a list of the recipients, the sponsor, the school they are attending, the degree pursuing, and the amount awarded to each.

Thank you to our API scholarship committee members for the time and dedication they put forth.

Let’s continue to work hard to raise funds to give back to our community and youth! Good work team!

-Your Dickinson API Board

StudentAPI SponsorSchoolDegree
Aiden HaichRussel MurphyNDSUMathematics
Alandra AndresRhett HalversonUniv. of MarySpeech Language Pathology
Alexis AndresKristy HalversonUniv. of MaryDoctorate of Occupational Therapy
Alyssa HaiderBruce HaiderUniv. of South DakotaNeuroscience
Alyssa KesselTroy KesselDSUNursing
Anna KreidtJackie JenkinDSUElementary Education
Ashlyn KesselTroy KesselUniv of MaryPhysical Therapy
Austin HaiderBruce HaiderUniv. of WyomingChemical Engineering
Bailee KupperTiffany SteinerUniv. of North DakotaBusiness Economics or Marketing
Brianna InchesBrian InchesMinot State UniversityPsychology
Brinklyn SchumacherDusty GrosulakUniv. of North DakotaBiology- Professional Help
Bryonna SchumacherRussel MurphyMinn. State-MooreheadPsychology
Caitlyn KoskovichBrian KoskovichUniv. of NebraskaPre-vet and Animal Science
Cameron JordaBradley MayerUniv. of North DakotaLaw-Biology
Campbell ClarysLeon KeatorNDSUNursing
Casey TuhyJody TuhyUniv. of North DakotaPsychology
Cole KiesonRhonda KiesonSD School of MinesElectrical Engineering
Cullen MurphyRuss SchankUniv. of North DakotaPolitical Science
Erika WilliamsLester RiddleUniv. of North DakotaPhysical Therapy
Eugene KramerLeon KeatorNDSUSocial Work-HDFS
Grant DahlyDoug KudrnaUniv. of North DakotaFinance-Accounting
Halle KeithleyCory WhiteUniv. of MaryPsychology
Hannah FicekKyle WentzNDSUNursing
Hazel EmterCory WhiteUniv. of MaryCommunication Sciences and Disorders
Hope FathBrad HartiganDSUExercise Science
Ian DorvalRichard KesselUniv. of MaryChemistry
Jace CoferMichael DesmondUniv. of Sioux FallsChemistry
Jake DanielStephen EastonDSUHealth and Physical Education
Kade MartinTom JordaBismarck State CollegeManagement Entrepreneurship
Kali KubasBradley MayerNDSUExercise Science
Karter KudrnaDoug KudrnaDSUAccounting
Kylie ZellerJackie JenkinDSUTheatre
Lauren JordaLester RiddleUND School of MedicineDoctor of Medicine
Madeline LoganWarren LoganInstitute of Am. Indian ArtBachelor of Fine Arts
Mckenzie DavenportSteve PenderBismarck State CollegeGeneral Studies
Nels LundStephen EastonDSUMaster of Business Admin-Entrepreneurship
Nevaeh MuckleRob ClemowUniv. of MaryNursing
Nicole HodellGordon DobitzWestern Dakota Tech CollegeRro Through Allied Health
Patrick O'DonnellDusty GrosulakBlack Hills State Univ.Biology
Rachael BadingerTiffany SteinerDSUCriminal Justice
Raghyn MurphyRuss SchankUniv. of North DakotaCivil Engineering
Robert FlowersDalton KuhnDSUEnvironmental Science
Shawn StoltzRhonda KiesonUniv. of North DakotaDoctorate of Physical Therapy
Sydney BauerJason ScottUniv. of North DakotaPsychology
Taya HopfaufKristy HalversonUniv. of North DakotaCommunication Sciences and Disorders

Past Scholarship Recipients